My New Year Started Today

Posted: 17 Aug 2009 in Thoughts


Students have settled back into the dorms and the halls are packed with young men and women who are taking their first steps on their own, ones that their parents sit miles away and hope are ones that will lead to a college degree.
I love being involved on the college campuses here in Conway, AR, because parents don’t send their kids here for a Christian degree. Most students don’t even choose to come here because this is where the Lord called them to, or they haven’t realized it just yet anyway.
This is where the real steps of Christ are taken and you choose Christ without parental influence or being forced to go to a chapel service every day. The students that you see choosing Christ here are truly sold out! There is no need to fake it here because Christianity really isn’t the most popular thing to do to begin with. You can see it on the faces of so many freshmen as they come in, that they are wondering if they continue their journey with Christ and if so how can they do it and be accepted by their friends.
It is nothing short of amazing to see freshman develop into strong men and women of faith before your very eyes. That moment when you witness the light come on for a student and they sell out and step up and throw caution to the wind. Nothing is as special as seeing students change the lives of everyone around them and they don’t even realize it yet.

This is the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year on the campuses of Central Baptist College, Hendrix College, and University of Central Arkansas.  Therefore, this is the beginning of my year, today!

Tomorrow, I have an event on campus where I will be encountering at least 1500 students, then again on Wed where I will be encountering around 3000 students.  This is only the tip of the iceberg as we are working on a mission field of around 18,000 college students every day until the first week in May 2010 when they all pack up and go back home.

We have lots of things planned and lots of praying to do about those things planned.  Would love for you to take this ride with us!  Hold on tight because over the past 3 years we have experienced amazing things, but also some loss.  However, you will be nothing short of blessed as you journey with these students in prayer and in the business of our Father in Heaven.

Follow us at our new website, and also at our brand new blog

What a Might God we serve!  Can’t wait to get neck deep in what the Lord is doing on these campuses this year, and be used by Him!

Hope you will check us out and be in prayer for us as well!

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